Dream comes true

I still remember, one of my wishes during those sombre-days(can refer to my 2013 posts, where I had nothing to do, because there's just literally nothing productive to do, except to type all my heart out, and my rebellious mind on social medias, unstoppable-ly), that was to have a busy-life. A busy-life, that there would be no room at all for me to think about any of those that were my concern, then.

And, it's here.

N5 is f***ing BUSY NOW.
Noni is d*am BUSY NOW.

...and I'm enjoying it so much.

And for that, I really really feel grateful towards The Most Loving, The Merciful, Allah SWT for all these, that I am having now.

Imagine, around six years ago, I had no idea, what's my future be like. I had to taste the harshness of life in reality, for the first time. Who knew that, for all the while, I was only living in fantasy.

Huhu... it's all in the past now. But, if I am being asked about the positive thing about that past, it would be, the staying at home, cooking, and doing house chores part. Haha. For real, though. But unfortunately, I was penniless. So, since I am just living with human around me, with a typical mindset, that, "when you are penniless, I no respect you." But again, being a 'penganggur', wasn't that bad, but I guess, I just need to be in another dimension of life. So, yeah, this would be my new dream.

For now, I'm f***ing BUSY.

Months pass by, but I don't really feel it.

Because, each second, is meaningful, and important.

Not in a trying-too-hard manner, but that's just how my life is now.

Thank you, to the One that Creates me.


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